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Odd Times...

Growth & quaran-tings...

Feb 6, 2021 - The world stuttered, showed it's loose parts. I find myself in an unsettling, yet hopeful position, just where you'd expect an artist would re-center, create and Breakaway from chaos.

Yes Lawd, cause 2020 was trash!

There's no changing the past, but the gift of undivided attention to personal time & space has been & is necessary. I've been clearing space to stretch out in again & it feels good.

Let's catch up, shall we...


2020, before. - Awe in India
No doubt, traveling to Rajasthan in early March 2020 was the year's only highlight. While the world was still open, I escaped for one captivating experience overseas.

I've shared some of this on IG, and invite you to join the link to follow for a deeper dive into what I've been up to since my journey.


Countdown to Launch
A new podcast series is coming and it's going to be a no holds barred, creators fireside!

Listen-in for inspiration, guests artists, and musical treats for the ears!

Visit kindlingtheblaze.com to countdown with me & signup to get episodes right to your inbox.

The Goodies

Some oldies too. Enjoy!

Chicago Blue Photo Story

Chicago Blue: A Photo Story

Journey back to a time when the live music scene thrived at the street market. Maxwell Street in Chicago once a melting pot of cultures, the birth of electric blues, and neighborly commerce.


A collection of memorable images by some pretty amazing photographers I've had the fortune to work with over the years.


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